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Music for a Lifetime

Term of Instruction for Individual Lessons

The Piano Academy of North Carolina, LLC offers year-round instruction.  The instructional contract begins late August when school starts and ends in early June of the following year.  Tuition includes 38 lessons given throughout the entire year and is payable in 12 equal monthly installments.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in performance classes, competitions, performance festivals, academy concerts, and master classes during their studies.  All private students will have evaluation assessments throughout their study.  Intensive study in music theory and classes in music appreciation are available upon consultation with the student.  Students are encouraged to schedule as many additional summer lessons as family vacations permit.  Summer lessons allow students to advance more quickly when they are not busy with their usual schoolwork.


Tuition for Individual Lessons

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Academy fees are tuition based rather than lesson based.  Twelve (12) equal tuition payments are required.  (Any additional lessons beyond the 38 included in the contract, i.e. summer lessons, are billed separately.)  Regardless of the number of lessons per month (due to holidays, professional leave, etc.), the 12 tuition payments remain the same (unless additional lessons are requested).  Additional fees for academy concerts, performance classes, competitions, festivals, music, etc. will be billed to the student's account and will be charged in the next billing cycle.

• Prerequisites: a keyboard/piano for practice at home (talk to the academy director for guidance)

• A non-refundable annual administration fee of $100 is required.

Tuition Fees for Individual Lessons (2021-2023)

$180.00 per month for weekly 45-minute lessons

$240.00 per month for weekly 60-minute lessons

Annual or biannual tuition payments are also available.  Please inquire if interested.

Term of Instruction for Group Classes


Group piano classes are a fun, relaxed, pressure free environment for learning beginning piano fundamentals.  The academy offers a variety of classes that are designated by age.  Most classes meet 12 times during a semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) and each class typically lasts 50 minutes each week (depending on the class).  There are no annual contracts.  Students have the option to advance to the next level or withdraw from the academy following the completion of each term.  Students with no prior music education must be enrolled in 2 semesters of piano classes before they are eligible to register for individual lessons with one of our artist instructors (exceptions must be approved by the academy director.)

Tuition for Group Classes


Tuition is due in full before the first scheduled class session.  Monthly installment plans are available upon request.  Clients who wish to pay in installments must agree to the terms set forth by the academy. Materials are included.

• Prerequisites: a keyboard/piano for practice at home (talk to the academy director for guidance)

• A non-refundable administration fee of $30 is required.

Tuition for Group Classes (2019 - 2020)

$495.00—Introduction to Piano / 12 classes ($130.00/month—4 installments)

$495.00—Advancing Group Piano / 12 classes ($130.00/month—4 installments)

$365.00—Beginning Adult Group Piano / 8 classes ($190.00/month—2 installments)

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